Another comparison site? Really?


While there are plenty of financial comparison sites and blogs, there are two key differences with Bank Insider.

real banking experience

We’ve actually worked at banks and financial services companies, and draw on this expertise in reviewing products and explaining what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes.

Across our careers, we draw from experience and insight from building, launching, and operating personal loans, student loans, short-term loans, credit cards, and online savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

We’ve worked at the highest levels of banks and non-bank financial services companies, from Wall Street to specialty lenders. At these firms, we’ve partnered with leading financial comparison sites, and understand their pros and cons.

And we’re ready to draw on all of this experience to benefit you.

complete transparency

Pretty much all comparison sites are paid by the companies they are suppose to be reviewing “impartially”.

That is the nature of this business, and the reason they can provide this service “free” to you.

Most (but not all) disclose this — as legally required (if they don’t, that’s a major red flag).

And while they go to great lengths to emphasize that reviews are editorially independent, and their rankings are not impacted by the compensation they receive, the reality is often far more blurry.

At Bank Insider, we don’t currently have commercial relationships or accept commissions from any of the companies we review — though this may change in the future (hey, we’ve got to support ourselves too!).

Our Commitment to You

To notify you if we begin accepting any compensation, in any form, from any company or product we cover

To include on each company/product review if we receive a commission from that product

To review the broadest range of products possible, regardless of whether or not we receive compensation

To give you honest, uncompromising assessments of the products we cover

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